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Plan. Then Build.

Serendipity is not a business plan

Content attracts. Content convinces. Content converts.

Consultation | Starts at $150.00 

We’ll discuss your website/social media needs, expectations, and “real costs” associated with creating, developing and maintaining a web presence that’s consistent with your overall business objectives/plans. 

You will get an easy-to-read, non-technical report that outlines the steps to get you started with a website/social media marketing that moves your business forward.

One-time or Monthly Services | Starting at $125.00

We provide comprehensive website audits of your content and structure to make sure your sites and social networks are running lean and mean.

Monthly, easy-to-read reports on how your website and/or social media networks are performing; and recommendations (as needed) for improvement.

Web Strategy | Starts at $500.00

You already have a website but it’s falling down on the job. Start here with customized action plans designed around real objectives and goals.

Complete with timelines, milestones, and ways to measure your website/social media activities, our web strategies are designed to turn your website and social media accounts into your hardest working employees.

Editorial Content Calendar | Starts at $1500.00

We take care of the research required to make sure that the proposed content aligns with your target audience. We create customized editorial calendars based on a comprehensive web strategy that directs you to write focused, purposeful, relevant content and publish it consistently to your site/networks.

Annual, bi-annual, quarterly-seasonal, and custom calendar options tailored to your needs and budget.

Editorial Calendar Production | Starting at $250

Do you need help making timely posts to  your social media accounts, or pushing content to other media outlets. Do you just need someone to write the content for you and keep content fresh on your website? Or, do you need someone to edit the copy you’ve already written?

Need a Hosting Provider?

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